When life gives me lemons, I usually think of making a pie, not lemonade. However this pie, I haven’t made it in years. That’s because it was my father’s favorite, and after his passing back in ’99, I’ve put my lemon meringue pies on hold. But something just told me yesterday I should make one.
I do have a love for everything citrusy, and especially salty. I have a real love hate relationship with salt. It’s something that makes foods taste so good, it’s essential for us to live, a little in our life is good for us, yet too much leads us down a road filled with terrible diseases.
And since I have a salty, instead of sweet tooth, I really try to watch my salt intake when it comes to how much I add to my recipes and how much I eat in processed and restaurant foods. There is a huge amount of hidden salts in processed foods and restaurant foods that are really bad for us. And the worst part is you can’t even really taste them. For instance last Friday night we went out to dinner to a small restaurant chain and the next morning I felt awful. I was super swollen and every joint in my body hurt so bad. I am really salt sensitive. I went to their site and calculated how much sodium I had eaten in half an appetizer, a soup and a sandwich. I couldn’t believe it when I saw I had eaten almost 4,000 mg of sodium in one sitting the night before.

Here is how to prepare it:

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