Brown Sugar Carmel Pound Cake

You take a yogurt cake base. You make a great salted butter caramel sauce, you pour everything into the dough.
A recipe that caught my eye while leafing through the magazine “P√Ętisserie & Compagnie” n ° 14. I wasn’t super excited that it was a yogurt cake, but the Salted Caramel got the better of me, and I’m delighted with the discovery.
Not only is it good and very melting, but its pretty amber color immediately whets your appetite. I have also supported the color by substituting part of the sugar with blond vergeoise.
* Ingredients:
☞ 4 cups all-purpose flour
☞ 1 smal spoon baking powder
☞ 1/2 small spoon salt
☞ 1 cup whole milk
☞ 1 (9.oz) bag toffee chips
☞ 1 cup pecans, mashed
☞ 2 cups butter softened
☞ 3 cups light brown sugar
☞ 1 cup granulated sugar
☞ 6 large eggs
* Caramel Drizzle:
☞ 2 large spoon butter
☞ 1/2 small spoon vanilla extract
☞ 15 oz box sweetened condensed milk
☞ 1 cup brown sugar
* Directions:
1 – Preheat oven to 326 and sprinkle bundt pan with flour .
2 – Whisk  butter until creamy and add sugars whisking until thin . 3 – Add eggs one at a once in bowl, mix flour/ baking powder & salt. Add flour combine  to batter every other with milk, whisk  until just mixed . Add in toffee chips / pecans. Pour batter into pan & bake 84 min .
Let it  cool in pan about 9 min . Remove from pan, and let cool totally .
*  For Caramel :
In a medium pot mix  condensed milk & brown sugar; bring to a boil , whisking a lot and simmer about  9 min, beating much . Remove from heat; whisk in butter & vanilla. Let cool about 5 min before using .