Don't have a plunger handy? Check out these 5+ hacks instead

As necessary as they are to our daily lives, toilets are kind of a pain. The bad news is that they can easily get dirty, clog at the most inopportune moments and are generally just kind of gross. It's time to step up your toilet game and ensure that your toilet is cleaner and fresher than ever before.
Even if you don't have a plunger available -- a few tips will help you learn how to unclog a toilet. Also, figure out the best way to keep your toilet clean no matter how many people use it on a regular basis. Not to mention, discover how to make your very own travel-friendly toilet!

1. Unclog without a plunger
Grab a roll of plastic wrap from the kitchen, cover the top of your toilet bowl with plastic wrap and flush in case you don't have a plunger. You should push down on it when a small air bubble forms in the wrap. The trapped air forces the clog loose and frees up your pipes.

2. Unclog with a plunger
You might still need extra help to unclog your toilet -- even if you do have a plunger on hand. In these cases, pour half a cup of dish soap into the toilet and let it sit for 15 minutes. Add a gallon of hot water to that, then start plunging. You should be rid of your clog in no time.

3. Remove stains with vinegar
Start by getting as much water as possible out of the bowl to get rid of toilet bowl stains. Then, place vinegar-soaked paper towels on the stains and leave them there for at least two hours (longer if the stains have been there for a while). After you remove the paper towels, flush the toilet to rinse the remaining vinegar out of the bowl. Your stains should be gone.

4. Clean with WD-40
When the time comes for your regularly scheduled toilet cleaning, instead of messing with whatever cleaning product you usually squirt in there, grab a can of WD-40. Actually, the solvents in WD-40 are powerful at breaking down the gunk and lime deposits that collect inside your toilet bowl. You can simply spray some into the bowl and give it a quick scrub with your toilet bowl brush.

5. Deep clean around the seat
One place you probably don't clean often is between your toilet tank and the seat. It's hard to get to and easy to forget. Yet, you can wrap a Clorox wipe around a screwdriver and slide it through there for a quick clean if you unscrew and remove your toilet seat. Reattach the seat with the screwdriver.

6. Camping toilet
If you spend a lot of time in the great outdoors or enjoy going camping, then you're likely well-versed in the difficult act of finding places to go to the bathroom in the wilderness. For those of you who aren't big on the idea of digging a hole behind a tree for your bathroom needs, make your own camping toilet.