Flan Recipe

If you're looking for the perfect dessert for company, flan recipe is rich, sweet and quite simple to make.


- You may want it without holes. If so, add 1 tablespoon of cornstarch at the time of whipping
- 1 can of condensed milk
- 5 eggs
- 5 tablespoons of sugar ( for caramel) 1 splash of rum or liquor
- Milk, to the same extent as the can of condensed milk
- Essence of vanilla, enough quantity


In a metal container (which can be from a metal can, such as Danish biscuits, to a “quesillera” if you have it by hand), add ¼ cup of water and 5 tablespoons of sugar to prepare the candy. It moves constantly preventing the mixture from burning and even getting a golden color.
You'd better spread it all over the mold with the candy still hot and then let it cool.
Place in a blender: eggs, condensed milk and milk. Blend until you get a homogeneous mixture (for approximately 3 minutes). When finished, add a little vanilla and another rum at the end.
Add this mixture to the metal container and heat the oven at 180 ° C for 50-60 minutes. Time passed and as if it were a cake, insert a stick. If it comes out clean, your quesillo will be ready.
Put it in the refrigerator for 5 hours, unmold, serve and enjoy