Today's bread is a little bit different than the popular pepperoni bread, my recipe is very easy to make and all you need is 5 simple ingredients. So give this delicious bread a try and share the recipe with your family and friends.
- 2 PKGs pre-made pizza dough.
- 1 PKG sliced pepperoni.
- 1 PKG shredded mozzarella cheese.
- 1 tbsp garlic powder.
- 1/3 cup favorite flavored dipping oil.

STEP 1 - Preheat oven to 375℉.
STEP 2 - Separate the pizza dough into small bite-sized pieces.
STEP 3 - In a medium bowl, pour your favorite flavored dipping oil, and toss dough pieces to lightly coat.
STEP 4 - Layer those dough pieces in the bottom of the fluted tube pan, then layer sliced pepperoni, shredded mozzarella cheese.
STEP 5 -  Repeat layers again, sprinkle garlic powder, and cover the cheese with another layer of dough pieces.
STEP 6 - Bake for about 30 to 40 minutes, when the bread is browned remove the pan from the oven.
STEP 7 - Serve with marinara dipping sauce, it gives this bread an incredible taste.