Amazing chocolate eclairs recipe

These chocolate éclairs are so good, that I will savor them one last time, an excellent idea it seems to me, before leaving the blue planet, without regrets and without remorse.
A delicious chocolate eclair!
I received a lot of compliments about this lightning bolt.
Mainly thanks to the creaminess I think, because the creamy chocolate filling makes a huge difference with store-bought éclairs which are content with pastry cream, so a little pasty and a little too heavy.

* Ingredients:

* For the pastry cream
° 100 g dark chocolate 70%
° 125 g sugar
° 3 egg yolks
° 33 cl of whole milk
° 2 tbsp. to s. cornstarch Maïzena
° 0.5 tsp. to c. vanilla extract or liquid vanilla
* For the choux pastry
° 3 medium eggs
° 1 pinch of eggs
° 80 g flour
° 75 g butter
° 10 cl of water
° 1 pinch of salt or fine salt
* For the decorations
° 100 g fondant
° 20 g of chocolate powder

* Preparation:

Do the pastry cream :
Boilling milk with half  sugar &  liquid vanilla.
In a bowl, beat the egg yolks also rest of the sugar until blending is well whiten. Add cornstarch and blend .
And add boiling milk while beating . Return to pan.
Put  saucepan on low heat, still stir with a beat .
Bring to a boil, beating persistently and cooking for 4 min .
Off  heat add  chocolate in pieces and beat to integrate.
Cooled cream in refrigerator.
Preparation choux pastry :
Preheat at oven  180 ° C.
In a pot , bring water to a boilling with butter pieces also salt.
Take from  heat & cast in  flour at formerly. Stir with a wood spatula until the blending forms a thick paste that sticks to  spatula.
Return  pan to a light heat also dry the dough for a some sec .
Remove the saucepan from the heat then add each egg, one after the other, mixing vigorously until the egg and the dough are assimilated. The dough be runny only  not liquid .
You must put the last egg gradually because otherwise the dough may be too runny and you may miss your choux pastry.
Place the choux pastry using a pastry bag in the shape of an eclair.
Brown and bake for about 25 minutes. Cabbages must be dry.
Garnish the éclairs and decorate:
Drill 2 small holes under the lightning bolt and garnish with cream using a pastry bag.
Heat the fondant very lightly and color it with the cocoa powder.
Lightly dip your éclairs in the fondant.