Fluffy Biscuits

* Y’ll need :

° 1 cup lard
° 2 Tps butter, melt
° 1 C. sweet milk
° 4 C. flour sifted

* Directions :

STEP 1 : In a big bowl, place the flour . Employ a pastry mixter ,cut in the lard ,building a well in center of the flour and start join  milk pulling the flour to it with a fork as you go .

STEP 2 : After you obtain a consistent dough,spinning it out to a floured surface and pull the dough together into a ball. Press it out to rectangle and fold the dough in 3rds , Retourn the press of the dough again into rectangle and fold to 3rds. Press yet and useing  biscuit cutters to cut the biscuit and put it in a greased replay skillet

STEP 3 : Have  scraps and take them, patting them out & section them .

STEP 4 : Also allow dough brew a some for 17 min ; Bake it in oven and greasiness it along butter or honey .