Fried Rice

Did you know that in China Cantonese rice is actually called stir-fried rice? There are at least as many stir-fried rice recipes as there are Chinese and more broadly Asian families. This is the ultimate anti-waste recipe where leftover rice is paired with vegetables, shellfish or meat.

Simple to make, this is a tasty and fragrant dish that appeals to all the taste buds of the family, large and small. The base remains the same, rice and eggs, then everyone is free to add the ingredients of their choice.

* Ingredients:

° 1 bag of Thai or basmati rice
° 2 eggs, beaten
° 1 piece of garlic
° 100 g of pink shrimps
° 30 g of butter
° salt, pepper

* Preparation:

Cook the rice according to the directions on the package.
Cook the eggs, scrambled, with 10 g of butter.
Then cook the shrimps with 10 g of butter.
Chop the garlic and cook everything together with 10 g of butter. Salt and pepper.