Baking Soda Shampoo : It Will Make Your Hair Grow Like It Is Magic


Many young men and girls complain about hair loss and hair loss quickly, so they try to use some hair cleaning supplies that protect them from split ends and dryness, but all these attempts fail, and these preparations are also expensive and do not come with quick results, but dear readers we offer you The way home "shampoo" works has a magic effect in hair growth in a thick, dense way, and it greatly saves the hair from split ends and permanent fall. It will also improve your hair greatly, and its price is very simple. This magic formula with great effectiveness will be made from "baking soda" powder. .


 Today we will talk about hair health using "baking soda". It works to improve the quality of your hair, and it can clean the hair better than any other cleanser, and the result will be clear after two or three days of using this formula, which we will list to you later in this article, as it will make Your hair is shiny, you can replace the medical products that you use for your hair with this formula, and you will be amazed at the rapid results of this formula.



* Shampoo ingredients:


1- Small squeeze bottle

2- A tablespoon of baking soda can be bought from Al-Attar.

3- 3 cups of water.

4- The ingredients can be adjusted if your hair is long, for example if your hair is long, you can mix 2 or 3 tablespoons of baking soda, or put 3 times the amount of water.


5- Three tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and mix well with 4 cups of water, and you can also add drops of peppermint oil or lavender oil (lavender: it is a wild plant that works on improving and growing hair effectively), and you can add some rosemary leaves or whatever It is called Rose Marie to avoid the smell of vinegar on your hair.

How to use


After mixing the ingredients well, the first step is to rub the hair well with this mixture from the roots to the end for at least three minutes, and leave the hair with this formula for at least 5 minutes, then wash the hair well with lukewarm water.


Then you use the other ingredient, which is the vinegar formula, so you have to close your eyes, in order to avoid the formula falling on the eyes, and then you will see the magical results on your hair, and it will grow thickly and quickly after using these natural formulas.