A wonderfully moist, flavorful, and tasty loaf of fast bread is created by this Lemon Blueberry Bread recipe! This basic bread recipe, topped with a lemon glaze, is a classic mix of tart, soft, and colorful flavors! That's sure to be a new favorite! For breakfasts, snacks, or dessert, It's my favorite for every time!!!INGREDIENTS:

+ 1+1/2 C.Of all-purpose flour.

+ 1 C.Of fresh* blueberries.

+ 1 C.Of sugar.

+ 1/2 C.Of chopped* walnuts.

+ 1/2 C.Of milk.

+ 1/3 C.Of melted* butter.

+ 3 TBSP.Of lemon juice.

+ 2 TBSP.Of grated* lemon zest.

+ 2 Large eggs.

+ 1 TSP.Of baking powder.

+ 1 TSP.Of salt.


+ 2 TBSP.Of lemon juice.

+ 1+1/2 TBSP.Of melted* butter.

+ 1 C.Of confectioners sugar.


+Step 1_Whisk together the butter, 1 cup of sugar, juice, and eggs in a mixing bowl. 

+Step 2_Combine the flour, baking powder, and salt; alternately stir in the egg mixture with the milk.  

+Step 3_Add the lemon zest, Chopped walnuts, and the fresh blueberries to the mixture.  

+Step 4_In a greased loaf pan spread the bread batter, and bake for 50 to 60 minutes at 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

+Step 5_This step is for making the glaze meanwhile the bread is baking. All you need to do is: Combine all the glaze ingredients in a small mixing bowl and mix well using a fork until the mixture is well combined. 

Then drizzle it over the bread, just immediately when you remove it from the oven.