This Lemon Foot Bath Can Help Detoxify Your Whole Body


For thousands of years, the Chinese considered feet an important part of the human body to rid it of toxins and the pain it feels. They used many different techniques such as foot baths, massages to get rid of toxins, regulate energy in the body and promote the proper functioning of the organs as well as improve and strengthen the immune system.


A foot bath of ginger and lemon to detoxify the body


This bath combines two main ingredients to detoxify and calm the body, which are ginger and the anti-inflammatory present in lemon, and thus help you reduce pain and enhance sweating. Also, lemon is a powerful antiseptic that is very effective in detoxifying the body. This bath enhances the body’s immunity in fighting colds and influenza better because it contains anti-viral properties represented in ginger and lemon.


* the ingredients


° A tablespoon ground ginger

° Two cups lemon juice

° Water.


* Preparation method :


Boil enough water and add ginger and lemon.


Waiting until water is luke warm, and place your feet in it for at least 31 min  .