10 incredible home remedies for toothache



The Italian magazine "Donna Moderna" published a report, in which it spoke about 10 natural remedies to solve the problems of sudden dental pain.


Firstly, the magazine confirmed that vinegar is an effective treatment for gingivitis, for this reason, it is recommended to put a tablespoon of vinegar in a cup of water, to treat gum problems, and this liquid helps to relieve pain and reduce inflammation, in addition to that, these are considered The recipe is a natural mouthwash and cleanser.


 Rinsing with salt is one of the natural remedies for sudden tooth pain, and in general, the saline solution helps relieve pain at the level of the teeth. Warm water, being careful not to swallow this mixture.


The hibiscus plant is one of the effective treatments for solving dental problems, as it is used as an injection in the treatment of dental pain and dermatitis. Therefore, it is better to heat the hibiscus, and then leave it to cool down a little before putting it on the site of pain, and this solution will help relieve swelling and inflammation.


Clove is an effective analgesic, thanks to its formula that works to numb the site of pain and relieve inflammation, and a few drops of clove oil can be added to a cup of water, and used as an oral rinse, and drops of clove oil can also be placed on a small piece of cotton, and placed on the molar Suffering from pain.


 The echinacea plant is one of the natural remedies that put an end to sudden dental pain, and this plant is distinguished by its formula that stimulates the immune system to fight pain, in addition, it is an effective anti-bacterial and fungi that cause inflammation, for this reason, tricks such as putting a little echinacea on the site of pain help Or, use a cup of water and echinacea to rinse your mouth, to get rid of pain quickly.


 The myrrh plant is very useful in treating dental problems, as it can be used to treat dental pain or sore throat, and it is possible to resort to gargling with a mixture of myrrh and water to get rid of these problems, and the composition of this herb contains antibiotics that help relieve pain.