How to clear your sinuses with nothing but your fingers



Sinusitis causes severe pain and discomfort in a person who has it, especially with changes in weather and an increase in dust and dirt.


To reduce the severity of these symptoms, it is recommended to clear the sinuses by rinsing the nose with saline.


What is washing the nose with nasal solution?


Washing the nose with saline is one of the most common ways to clean the sinuses, by rinsing them with saline, and this helps eliminate blockages in the sinus openings and reduce symptoms.

Pre-prepared saline is best purchased, but it can be made at home by mixing warm, sterile water with a teaspoon of pure salt, known as sodium chloride, to obtain the solution.


Steps to clean the nose with nasal solution


Here are the steps to clean the nose :


Stand with your head placed over the pelvis and tilted to one side.

Using a squeeze bottle or a sinus-cleaning tool, the saline solution is slowly squeezed into the upper nostril.

Allow the solution to pass into the other nostril from the inside, at which time you should breathe through the mouth, not through the nose.

Be careful not to get the water behind the throat.

Gently remove mucus from the nose with a tissue.

Important advice before cleaning the sinuses with saline