Caramel Corn



The easy-to-make caramel corn is a family favorite. It is so delicious and so easy. I don't need corn syrup for this recipe.

We've tried tons of recipes looking for good easy-to-make caramel corn syrup that doesn't use corn syrup. . This popcorn tastes amazing ... buttery and caramelized as it should be. No need for corn syrup! And it couldn't be easier to do. It has rapidly risen to the list of the most wanted family foods!


Start with about 10 cups of popcorn. Make sure to remove all of the beans that do not pop. You don't want to bite off one of these! We put popcorn on the stove, but you can use an air or microwave.


* Ingredients


° popcorn


° Frying oil (it smells less)


° Unlimited sugar


* Preparation :


Cover the bottom of the pot with oil and sprinkle the corn kernels in one layer (otherwise they will burn).


Heat on high heat with a cover (transparent is better).


When all the corn has been popped, turn off the heat or leave it on a low flame and then sprinkle with sugar, stirring constantly, to coat the cereal and caramel.


If there is not enough caramel or it has burnt, you can add a little more oil.


When all is caramelized, serving directly. Warning: Caramel preparation is meticulous.


Enjoy  !