Cream Pie Cream Puffs



Delight your friends and family with this homemade recipe for Cream Puffs with fresh choux pastry and vanilla custard filling.


Whenever I visit a nice bakery it can take some time to finally decide what to order. Lots of delicious pastries, so little time, you know?


But there is one treatment I can't resist: Cream Puff.


If I happen to be one of those puff pastry stuffed with light cream in the pastry box, you can bet I wouldn't walk without one (or three). (The same goes for Rice Krispy desserts!)


I like to chomp on someone with a cup of cold brew coffee, and enjoy every bit of choux pastry and cream filling.


Today, I am happy to show you how to make cream puffs at home. It is easier than you think!


To make cream pies, you need to start by creating a type of pastry called "choux".


Chou pastry is the classic light pastry that many French desserts think of.


It is made with only butter, flour, eggs and water, and unlike other types of dough, it does not contain any leavening agents whatsoever.


Because of its high content of water and fat, it "puffs" during baking, creating a light and airy coating for the delicious cream filling in this recipe.


For this cream, I also added a hint of vanilla extract to my choux pastry recipe to complement the vanilla cream filling.



* Ingredients:


+Chow dough


° Water 250 g


° Salt 4 g


° butter 125g


° flour 150 g


° eggs 5




° Milk 250 g


° Sugar 50 g


° eggs 1


° Corn starch 25 g


° Butter 25 g


° Rum 1 tbsp



* Preparation:




Preparing the choux dough: bring to a boil. We dissolve the salt in it and melt the butter. Pour in the sifted flour and dry the mixture so that it does not stick to the sides of the pan.




Away from the heat, combine the scrambled eggs gradually. Using a pastry bag, arrange the puffs on a greased baking sheet. Bake for 30 minutes at 190 ° C.




Cream pastries: Boil the milk. Melt half the sugar in it. Boil eggs with the second half of the sugar. Stir in cornstarch. Pour the boiled milk over the mixture, stirring with a whisk. Return the cream to the saucepan, stirring for two minutes. Cream flavor with rum.


To terminate


Garnish the cabbage: Punch the cabbage with the tip of a paring knife or fluted nozzle. Garnish the cabbage until it's heavy. Dip the cabbage tips in caramel (100g sugar + 60g water)


Enjoy !