There's just something special about the combination of chocolate and caramel, like chocolate and peanut butter. And when it's salted caramel with a chocolate drizzle, it's even better! 

One of the most beautiful, delicious cakes. It's salty-sweet-rich chocolate and moist dessert. Sweet-savory. Is this exactly what you were looking for since it worked? 

There's something really addictive about sweet salted caramel right now. 

Don't let the word cheesecake scare you, it's really pretty simple to create, but you'll need to set it overnight before serving. As an entree, make it at least a day or so ahead, and be prepared to finish it up the second day.


>> 230 gr.Of cake, chocolate ready. 

>> 350 gr.Of cream, you will need approx. 2 cans. 

>> 230 gr.Of Galaxy chocolate. >> 2 medium eggs. 

>> 1/4 Cup.Of vegetable oil. 

>> 1 Cup.Of water. 

>> 8 cream cheese cubes.

>> 1 Cup.Of plain biscuit.


 >> Step 1: Add oil and water to the cake mixture, then begin to whip the mixture. Lift a small amount and then a small amount on the side. 

>> Step 2: Add eggs to the mixture and stir again, place the mixture in a shallow dish and then place in the oven to level. 

>> Step 3: Finally, put all of the rest of the mixture, which had previously been mixed, into the mixer, add the biscuits, curry cheese, and a box of cream and mix well. 

>> Step 4: After baking, take the cake out of the oven, then spread on the biscuit and cream mixture. 

>> Step 5: Melt the  Galaxy chocolate in a pot of water and combined with crushed cream packages and put on the cake as a second sheet, place the cake in the fridge for two hours to chill. 

Try our salted caramel chocolate cheesecake cake version, and show us the results in the comments below!!